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Zach Kolo is a multimedia performance artist exploring contested spaces and animated objects. They work as a prop and puppet maker and performer, creating work that irreverently comments on the way we structure our lives under capitalism, and the ways we try and fail to create and maintain authentic connections with one another. Puppetry performance and adjacent forms are uniquely situated to address how we perform and perceive "realness" within the artificial hells of our bureaucratic and tech-driven world. 

Zach is currently performing as Playdoh, touring a variety show of weirdo puppetry and performance art around the country. Within the show you may expect to learn an alternative version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, witness a ritual from a Moose Cult in the year 2700, a puppet version of Marina Abramovic's Rhythm 0, a Redbox dispenses vegetables, and find out that God lied about the dinosaurs. To book them contact @nosepickah on IG or



Zach Kolo holds a BFA in Interarts Performance from University of Michigan. They have worked and trained with Barebones Puppet Theatre, Carrie Morris Arts Productions, Mosaic Youth Theatre, Double Edge Theatre, and The Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, among others. They teach puppetry and puppet art through the College for Creative Studies Community Arts Partnership (CAP) in Detroit and Dearborn public schools. 

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